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What are we doing to keep us all safe during this Covid-19 pandemic?

In the office my business is inside of, Schoeb Chiropractic, we follow all current health protocols, using Governor Inslee’s suggestions when cleaning. I use bleach solution wipes to clean all surfaces between each patient appointment. All acupuncture needles are one use needles. Each needle is disposed of after one use in biohazard, medical waste containers. I wear an N95 mask for every appointment and ask that each patient wear some kind of mask as well. I send out a Covid-19 pre-screen survey email 24 hrs before each patient’s appointment.

What insurances do I take?

I am a preferred provider w/ Regence, Regence Blueshield, Bluecross/Blueshield, Premera Bluecross, Lifewise, and Aetna. I am also covered as an out of network provider for certain other insurance plans.

What modalities of treatment do I use?

The main modality I use is acupuncture. This is the use of hair thin needles inserted at specific points on the body to relieve and resolve various conditions. Acupuncture works by unblocking the flow of Qi. (Qi is defined below). Some conditions acupuncture is very effective for are low back pain and sciatica, neck pain, tennis elbow, migraine, digestive issues such as acid reflux, gas and bloating, diarrhea/constipation, nausea; autoimmune conditions such as fibromyalgia and MS; allergies, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Cups are used most as a tool to relieve tight tense muscles. A suction is created in the cups ( I most often use glass cups though I do sometimes use silicone ones), and they “suck” in the area of skin they are placed on. This may sound a little strange, but patients say that cupping feels like an inverted massage, because the cup gently to moderately pulls the tissue up instead of pushing down as in massage. I use cupping to augment the beneficial effects of acupuncture. Though I predominantly use cups on the back, I do sometimes use them on other areas such as the leg, shoulder, neck and even abdomen. Cupping greatly relieves muscle tightness, tension, and pain.

Gua Sha
This is a manual therapy using a tool to “scrape” the skin to relieve tension and stiffness and promote more blood and qi circulation. This “scraping” is really more a moderate rubbing and actually does not feel like “scraping” at all, but is called “scraping” because the tool’s thinner edge is used; for example, if a smooth flat piece of wood like a ruler were the tool, the narrower long edge would be used to rub or “scrape” an area. A cream or therapeutic oil is first applied to the affected area so the Gua Sha action can be done painlessly and effectively. Gua Sha can bring great relief for a stiff neck that hurts to turn for example.

This is the use of moxa. Moxa is dried mugwort that is made into different formats and used to promote healing by warming, unblocking qi flow and promoting better blood circulation. Direct moxa is when the mugwort is placed directly on the skin. The moxa is lit then put out before actually touching the skin. Indirect moxa comes in different formats but the most widely used is the cigar form. This is a stick of moxa that is lit and held near an inserted needle until the skin is a comfortable warm, then the stick can be moved and held over other acupuncture points. Both direct and indirect moxa are completely painless and feel “good” to the patient. Moxa is used often for digestion discomfort, menstrual pain, arthritic pain, joint pain and inflammation. I use a slightly different form of indirect moxa because it does not create nearly as much smoke as the cigar form.

Chinese Herbs
I use Golden Flower Chinese Herb patent formulas for several conditions. Herbs can augment acupuncture treatment greatly and help patients further sustain wellness and health

Diet and Exercise
I give suggestions for healthy eating and certain stretches and exercises based on individual need.

Definition of Qi
Qi refers to the energy that flows in our bodies and all around us. It is that which makes the heart beat, the wind blow and even the earth spin. In the body, qi can get blocked by many means and manifest in many ways. Stress, trauma, eating food that disagrees with us, are just some possible causes of qi getting blocked. This blockage can manifest as pain, insomnia, headache, nausea, and other undesirable symptoms. Acupuncture is extremely effective in unblocking the flow of qi and allowing the body to have relief from offending symptoms, and returning to health.

What are my hours?

Tuesdays – 10am – 6pm
Wednesdays – 10am – 6pm
Thursdays – 1pm – 5pm
Fridays – 10am – 5:30pm
Saturdays (every other) – 11am – 3:30pm
Please feel free to contact me if you cannot find a time that works for you.

Insurance Information
I am a preferred provider w/ Regence, Regence Blueshield, Bluecross/Blueshield, Premera Bluecross, Lifewise, and Aetna. I am also covered as an out of network provider for certain other insurance plans.

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